i am trying to Shown the marker and it's info window together ** in **ios when i tapped on map but didn't work for me here is my sample of code

 - (void) mapView:      (GMSMapView *)  mapView
    didTapAtCoordinate:     (CLLocationCoordinate2D)    coordinate{
        CLLocation *destination_lat_long = [[CLLocation alloc]initWithLatitude:coordinate.latitude longitude:coordinate.longitude];
        GMSMarker *marker_test = [[GMSMarker alloc] init];
        marker_test.position = coordinate;
        marker_test.title = @"Location selected";
        marker_test.snippet = @"Testing";
        marker_test.map = self.MyMapView;

        //Show info window on map
        [self.MyMapView setSelectedMarker:marker];

i don't understand why it's not working ? can anybody help me to solve this issue. i want to populate the info window on marker set.

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