I am launching an activity A from a service in the background, this works well and the activity is created and usable with the code below:

        Intent intent = new Intent(context, getActivityClass());

This however has an unwanted behaviour if there is already a running activity B of the app containing activity A in the task list. The user would expect to get back to the activity that was in the front when my activity A was started from the background if he uses the back button, however it navigates back to activity B instead which really is confusing.

After reading docs I tried to allow task reparenting which did not work and still shows the problem described above.


According to this question Need single activity in new task backstack the Intent.FLAG_ACTIVITY_MULTIPLE_TASK should be used, however it is mentioned in the comments on this to not use it unless implementing an app-launcher

Do not use this flag unless you are implementing your own top-level application launcher. Because the default system does not include graphical task management, you should not use this flag unless you provide some way for a user to return back to the tasks you have launched.

What do I then have to do to fix this? In short: the pick contact activity should simply be handled as a real new task without being associated with any other running instance of the app, just as i would open notepad two times on a windows pc

I'd really be glad to have good solution on this, thanks in advance

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