I am an undergraduate computer science and engineering student in Egypt. Career opportunities here after graduating are mainly in the field of software/web development which I like to an extent, but I feel I want to devote myself into more scientific applications such as scientific computing or biomedical computing in particular, obviously abroad. I am currently in the final (5th) year of my studies which counts as a pre-master year as we finish our bachelor studies in 4 years and I could have a chance to apply for a master in my university that would take only 1 year due to the pre-master year I mentioned.

So, my question is should I proceed with the masters in my university ? or should I try to apply for a master program in scientific computing abroad ? and take things from there ? of course the problem with the abroad idea is the immense costs that would be required compared to just doing my masters in Egypt.

I should also add that I could pursue a master thesis in something like computer vision or mathematical optimization, topics that are more geared towards the fields I want to eventually work in.

Generally speaking, I want some ideas on how to proceed to pursue a career in the aforementioned fields from my bachelor degree in Computer Science.

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