I'm working on an iOS app where I now want to integrate ChromeCast support. I use the HelloGoogleVideoCast example to test my hardware setup and get inspiration for my app.

I have now stumbled on a problem that is present both in my app and in HelloGoogleVideoCast. When I connect to a device (connectToDevice method in HelloGoogleVideoCast) I get error "The operation couldn’t be completed. (com.google.GCKError error 2.)". I have power-cycled the device with no change in behavior. I never get to the callback deviceManagerDidConnect, instead deviceManager:didFailToConnectWithError is called with this error. Still, I can connect with the iOS YouTube app.

I can't find anything with substance if I google it and I can't find any good ChromeCast developer forums.

Is there anybody who has an inroad to how to solve this?

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