I have tried searching this functionality but dint solved my problem.

What i Want: I have a UILabel's text as "attended" with initial font size of 28 (totally four labels with different fonts sizes and texts). Now I i vary slider (which is placed in the bottom), i will send the font size to be increased or increased. Now, i want to not only change the font size but also UILabel frame like

        self.labelAttendCount.frame = CGRectMake(40 + (diff * 0.7) , 110 - (diff * 0.3), 40 - diff/5, 30 - (diff * 0.3))
       self.labelAttendCount.font = UIFont(name: "ArialMT", size: round(28 - (diff * 0.28)))

Everything goes fine but, when its position is changing its jerky (or shaky). I want this to be dealt smoothly.

refer to this link where there is smooth increase or decrease in label size. http://macoscope.com/blog/ios-7-dynamic-type-simulator-for-designers/

Hope u understand my question.

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