I'm having issues unit testing code involving isKindOfClass check. There are a lot of existing question on this topic and the answers recommend:

  • Make sure -ObjC is included as an "other linker flag". It is.
  • Make sure the .m files from the project target are not added to the test target. They aren't.
  • ...?

To make sure there weren't odd circumstances, I created a fresh project. I:

  • Created an "Empty Application" project
  • Added a PodFile referencing "TwistedOakCollapsingFutures"
  • Ran pod install
  • Opened the workspace
  • Verified -ObjC is present in both targets
  • Added a method returning [TOCFuture futureWithResult:@1] to AppDelegate.m
  • Added XCTAssert([AppDelegate.makeFuture isKindOfClass:TOCFuture.class], @"") to the example test
  • Ran the unit tests (the assert failed)

Basically I have no idea why this shouldn't work. Even more oddly, if I go counter to existing answers and include AppDelegate.m in the test target, the test starts to pass.

What is going on? Am I suppose to include the source files in the test target, or am I not supposed to?

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