I'm building an app for a client that has multiple age ranges for the user to optionally select. For example, I have a button labeled with an age range of 18-24. My question is, am I allowed to pass multiple integers in an array to window.plugins.flurry.setAge(); ?

I have the following code:

var setAge = function(low,high) {
    var ageLow = low;
    var ageHigh = high;
    var age = [];  
    while(ageLow <= ageHigh){

$('#set-age-one').on('click', function() {

When viewing Flurry's verbose mode in Xcode, I get confirmation that the values from 18-24 are indeed set properly. However, it's followed up by an error code of AppName[31368:60b] -[__NSArrayM integerValue]: unrecognized selector sent to instance 0x10ae1bd10

This doesn't terminate or break the app in any fashion, but I'm wondering if this will output properly to Flurry's Audience > Age section on the user dashboard. I could wait 6-8 hours for the dashboard to update and find out, but I'd rather know sooner than that.

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