Have been creating a Ruby gem that provides the functionality to automate deployment against a proprietary system developed by a vendor. The management interface exposed by the vendor uses SOAP messages to allow configuration of the application. As part of each request I am making I would like to validate the request I am about to send against the XSD provided by the vendor.

Unfortunately, the vendor does not make these XSDs publicly available (as far as I can tell) and so, to keep myself at arms length from any potential issues, I have setup my gem to automatically pull down the required XSDs (they are available from the application itself) onto the local file system for the validation to take place.

This leads to 2 questions:

  1. Where is the 'accepted' place to pull down such files on the filesystem (*NIX based systems) - am currently pulling down to ${USER_HOME}/.appname/XSDfile.xsd
  2. How often should I update these files? On every deployment?

My concern with the second question is that I don't want to cache them permanently as there is the potential for the XSD to change if there is a significant update to the application. On the other hand, it is likely my deploy gem would not succeed through such an update without work on my side so maybe I am overthinking this.

Thanks for any and all help.

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