I have a one table. Table having a enqreceivedtime column with datatype is varchar and another column arriveddate. Now I want to sort arrivedtime with current date.

Data like this

(03:30 PM,10:30 AM, 04:05 PM, 11:08 AM, 08:30 PM, 05:20 AM,12:08 AM ) 

with current date(18-03-2015). Now I would like to sort the enqreceivedtime like

08:30 PM, 04:05 PM,03:30 PM,05:20 AM,10:30 AM, 12:08 AM. I want display data in sorting the arrivedtime using linq query based on current date. How to write linq query for sorting time . data is coming dynamically... i try like this

public ViewResult Index1(DateTime? Startdate)

Startdate = DateTime.Now.Date;

   DateTime Enddate = DateTime.Now;
        string AM="AM";                           
      var value10 = from res in db.BookingArriveds where (res.BookingArrivedEnquiredDateTime >= Startdate && res.BookingArrivedEnquiredDateTime <= Enddate) orderby res.BookingArrivedEnquiredTime.Contains(AM) descending orderby res.BookingArrivedEnquiredTime descending select res;

        return View(value10);


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