I've been in my first professional position for about six months now, and so I am hitting what I suppose is the pretty typical moment:

Naievely perhaps, I think there's a lot of cultural baggage on the team that holds it back (A lack of respect for documentation work, hugely scattered documentation, infrequent code review, a disconnect between development and test etc.)

I've started trying to make my mark; setting up tooling for documentation, static analysis, etc.

Where I am lost however is in the questions of buy in: While I can try to lead by example in some areas, I do need to get the team on board. I also have to consider that my priorities don't match those of the rest of the team.

How do I get buy in, and get a good feeling for what people value? Ideas I've considered:

  1. Team survey -- Ask about what's important to drive future efforts
  2. Skunkworks teams: Try to recruit small groups to work on driving forward pieces they care about in their 'free' time?
  3. Try to convince management that we need to make these kinds of changes, and try to get them part of the review process?

Or maybe I need to STFU and keep my head down and do my work.

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