I am trying to communicate with a head unit in my car that supports the apple accessory protocol.

From reading the information from the link.

I understand that the first 2 bytes of the request should be FF 55.

What is coming from my head unit at baud rate 57600 is:

ff 55 13 11 ce

However this is too short, as the request should be at least 7 bytes. At baud rate 19200:

ff e1 20 02 02 02

This again is too short. At any baud rate i cant get the right length of request, or the write start to the request.

I have connected an Ipod and it works perfectly.

Ive been collecting the data using a raspberry pi & minicom, then reading the data as hex using hexdump or od.

Any ideas what is wrong or what I am doing wrong?

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