I want to build a login screen as on this screenshot:

enter image description here

I am not sure what the best approach for this would be and I am looking for a simple solution.

I thought about different approaches, but I believe that there has to be an easier one. This is what I had in mind so far:

  1. Building the whole UI as a UITableView with static cells. I can then define 3 sections in the storyboards, the first one only has one cell and shows the UILabel on top, the second one contains the buttons and the email and password fields (possibly with three different cells) and finally the third section for the UIButton on the bottom.

  2. Using only a UIViewController, place the UI elements and use AutoLayout for the arrangement (I would use AutoLayout in the first option as well). Only I am not sure how I can create these two UITextFields sticking together and having rounded corners on top and bottom.

I tried using a grouped table view, as this look usually was the default one, but somehow this style doesn't seem to be there any more (was it dismissed with iOS 8?)?

One problem there is with the second solution is that I have another, quite similar view that should be used for sign up. There I basically want to use the exact same layout, only with more cells. So, in this case the scrolling that comes for free with UITableView is actually needed, whereas for the login that's probably not very important.

enter image description here

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