This must be stupid question,

Some how I know the reason but difficult to find solution. So any help will be welcome..

What I am having is, one UITableView with header. Header contains the Question and UITableViewCell contains the options to question.

Each cell is having 3 controls, 2 Labels and 1 button.

1 label contain Option and other contains its answer. To match the answer you have to select option from drop down, which is opened when button from that cell is clicked.

That drop down is again a UITableView. Which options. So that DropDownTableView is added over UITableViewCell.

but problem is that when I open drop down on that cell, the table goes beyond boundary of cell, So DidSelectMethod of DropDown table is not getting called.

I can't increase the height of BaseTableVieCell, but I want to select option from DropDownTable.

What should I do.

I tried bringSubviewToFront, and also disabling the baseTableView when Button is clicked.

But didn't helped.

Is there any other way to achieve the task.

Thanks for help.

Here is the picture which will give detail idea.

enter image description here

I am not able to select option "A", "B" , "C" as they go out of boundary of cell.

Thanks in advance.

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