On iOS, the UIWebview has hard-coded limitation of 1024*1024*3 in total decoded image size for a page, and/or 6.5Mb limit for total of all images (unless I am wrong or not exact).

I am a game developer that is struggling to make a hybrid app (2D game) for iOS8. It uses a very big background (about 10000px * 4000px), which I cannot break in smaller tiles without changing too much the game's look, gameplay and programming approach/logic. So I am looking at WKWebview since it already boosts the performance of my game, and since I have high hope that it would be the only solution available right now for non-native iOS apps to leverage or to get rid of those hard-coded image limitations. But it will still be useless if those specific constraints are not better than they were with UIWebview. So my main question is:

Do you know if those constraints have been increased to higher values (or maybe even retrieved) with WKWebview? Or we are still stuck with the same limitations as with UIWebview in that aspect?

Another useful information that I need and that is directly related to those constraints, is if other media (like audio) are also adding up to the maximum quantity of download a webpage can load on Safari Mobile, on top of images?

I have found no documentation about that anywhere. So I suppose nothing has changed, but I want to know if this is true or not before continuing in any direction with the development.

Thank you very much.

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