I am kind of stuck with my XCode problem. First of all: I have a project that contains 5 different targets. Now something went wrong (I can't remember changing anything related to project settings).

If I want to run any target on device or simulator the build succeeds but then nothing happens. Neither the app is started in simulator nor on a device. So I checked the Scheme (-> "Edit scheme") and I could not select my app in the Executable menu. I think I can remember that the .app file was selected there before (as it is if i create any new project). Does anyone know why I can't select anything there?

What I am curious about, is the fact that choosing "Other" in the Executable menu brings me to my DerivedData directory that indeed contains the *.app file resulting from the build. That leads me to my next problem.

If I select this *.app file explicitly and try to run the app XCode gives me the error " does not have an architecture that can execute." But I checked my settings many times and I am definitly using $(ARCHS_STANDARD) in every target.

I am a little bit lost here ... does anyone has a hint, what could have messed up my project and how to fix it?

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