This question is a bit subjective so the intention is to get some feedback on a problem I'm experiencing and ways around it. The kind of answer I'm expecting will answer the question "what are good design pratices/standards when it comes to passing custom columns?"

After creating all my entities to be an exact match of my database I decided to create a query that will fetch a bunch of custom columns as opposed to natural table columns. In other words, I've added some business logic into my JPA query so that I get data from various tables and merge the result into one new column. For example NameID: + = John527.

I find that all these custom columns, like NameID don't really have their own entity and don't really fit in anywhere. I know that there's Tuple but I'm not really a big fan of the design that this insinuates.

Is there a correct place to store custom columns like NameID as far as design is concerned?

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