I have a aplication of proof of simulated, which have some modules, and one of this is a screen which need be reloaded for exibition of same data. Example: I have screen of the question, and the answers,

Question: bla bla bla? Item A: X Item B: Y Item c: Z


the screen is the same, what change is the question,itema,itemb,etc..

and, Im loading the informations of it with "hardcode", Im sure have other better choice to make this ^^, I want use the same screen to load the features.. how I can make this? I was looking to page controller, but is not what I want, I want use a navigation controller to navigation with the screens.. I have a dictionary of a list of all the questiones with Question, itemA, itemB, how I can load this in the "same screen" with the option of next > and < previous?

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