(I am writing in Java and using libGDX as a framework, and i am using Eclipse) So, i am using a images which are in assets folder, which probably does not exists, because if i export project as a .jar it does not create an assets folder, but the images are loaded in game, which is good(the .jar file probably includes a assets folder). but, this is my problem, i am creating a highscore saving, so, if i am trying to create a file: Highscore.bin to assets(game is exported and running) it does not save to there, so the highscore is not saved anywhere, so saving does not work. I tried to export it to .jar and created a folder to where it is creating a file and updating a file(C://pc//folder//highscore.bin. and i set the destination of saving highscore to : C://pc//folder//highscore.bin and it works! But on android, i actually cant add a folder to a mobile for every mobile individually. So my question is, how to create an .apk file(which installs you a game) that it will install a game, and that folder? If i am exporting it to .apk there is not a function which lets me to do this.

Thank you in advance

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