I am implementing a RESTful web service and one of the available actions will be reload. It will be used to reload configurations, cache, etc.

We started with a simple GET to an URI like this: ${path}/cache/reload (no parameters are passed, only the URI is called). I am aware that data should not be modified with a GET request.

Which is the correct verb to use to invoke an action/command in a RESTful web service?

EDIT: The reload is a command of the REST web service that reload its own cache/configuration/etc. It is not a method that returns information to the client.

FINAL EDIT: Probably what I am trying to do isn't REST, but it is still something that need to be done this way. The reload method was only a real example that makes sense in the scope of the application and most answers focused on it, but in fact, I just needed to know which verb to trigger an action that doesn't do CRUD, but still changes data/state.

I found this detailed asnwer on Stack Overflow abot the subject: http://stackoverflow.com/questions/16877968/

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