I really not sure this question should be ask or its not legal to ask. But i search everything and seem no one ask before for this question.

Can we have two or more ads company service in one app or same screen. eg. Admob banner at bottom and furry at top banner. Eg. Admob banner in game screen & tapjoy fullscreen ads.

This is the most i want to know is, if we have 5screen or more in one app like menu profile setting scoreboard buy credit and more screen. Can we put each screen with differences ads provider to get earn from every ads providers?

Last is i found tapjoy had one ads called ads marketplace, can i know this function only in tapjoy or other ads providers have the same ads function for user to watch or complete the task to get the gem or gold.

Thank you all so much. Because i need to decide my new iphone & android app ads provider and thinking can i put more ads together in one app. Also looking for the ads marketplace to add to my app.

Hope anyone of you know the answers. Thank again to you all.

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