We are planning to integrate Salesforce with our Internal Lead Management System & CQ5 which is a Content Management Tool. I'm a Salesforce developer from past 5 years. I'm stuck to a point where I'm unable to figure out which option would be more cost effective and efficient going forward which would also include maintenance.

We need to pass the Data from Salesforce to LMS and CQ5 on a Weekly basis. There are two ways of getting this done.
1) Through SOAP API by parsing WSDL files into our Salesforce Org, Authenticate and Map the data and Update their tables. This is more complex in building but i feel its cheap in maintaining. 2) We also have an In-house informatica tool. This would connect both the systems like Salesforce & LMS. Map the fields and Pass the data back and forth.This is like a Point and click and few queries if there are any data manipulations

Going forward, Please provide you opinion on which option would you like me to choose and why.

Thank you for your time & input. Shri.

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