I never had a windows phone. Since I'm not too fond of Android or iPhones the thought of getting a windows phone has crossed my mind. (I only have a 'feature cell phone' right now) Because it often bugs me not to have a camera with me and some other niceties smartphones have. But I am not interested in 1) wasting battery for what I mostly do not need: being connected to the "cell", i.e. having the actual phone functionality running. and 2) being interruptable by calls and location-tracked all the time. I.e. most of the time I'd like the connection to the phone service provider off, and use all the media, calendar etc functionality, and only enable the actual phone part when needed.

I am aware that this must seem an arcane request, but unlike most people today, I do not like being available and interrupted by calls 24/7 - so my current feature phone is off most of the time. If I buy a smartphone to get all the modern goodies, it's only if I can keep it that way without also not being able to use said goodies.

Is this possible at all with a nokia lumia?

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