In my company we use ASP MVC to make web apps etc and VS to develop them.

I have tried using the ASP MVC's Razor to render my views and VS as the IDE of choice but I find both cumbersome to use when compared to Angular and WebStorm.

I am thinking for the next project to suggest using ASP WebApi for the server side of things and Angular and other open source technologies for the client side, which I intend to develop using Webstorm.

The thing is, other than personal preference, I cannot find any arguments to back my proposal. So I would like someone to explain when it is best to leave the workload on the server (rendering views etc) and when to render views on the client (using Angular or something else).

Is it a good practice to always make an api to access the data and the render vies on the client? Does it aggravate or alleviate the workload on the server?

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