I've built a little file upload site a while ago and would like to publish it. However, it's a beta stage project and I simply want to experiment, extend it, see what works etc. - a student side project.

So I don't want to invest much money yet. My plan is renting some business web hosting plan (starting from $3-10/month etc.) and using cloud storage for the files uploaded.

Google Could Storage seems to offer the perfect solution for file uploads, but as long as I don't know if ads will actually bring money, and for testing use, I'd prefer free storage.

For the time being, is it "perfectly legal" to allow people to upload files to my Google Drive account using my website? As I want to include ads, the page is kind of a commercial website. Could this cause any problems, or is the only problem the 15GB limitation (where I could just decide to switch to Cloud Storage)?

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