I'm investigating the new CameraX API, in relation to how viable it might be to switch over from our current Camera2 system.

In our Camera2 system, we use an OpenGL surface to capture the frames from a PreviewCaptureSession, and we are hitting consistent 30fps image processing speeds across most devices, with some able to hit 60fps with AutoExposure settings enabled.

CameraX isn't giving anything near that speed and I'm not sure if its something I've missed in setup.

I've setup the test examples for CameraX and ImageAnalysis, but I'm getting locked frame rates for the number of images that comes through.

For example, I could set the resolution as low as 320x240 up to 1920x960 and both will come out at a (seemingly capped) 16fps.

When I add a Preview usecase to run along side it, and set enableTorch(true), the ImageAnalysis usecase will suddenly start getting more like 20fps, with it occasionally peaking up to 30ish.

Clearly the Preview usecase alters some of the AutoExposure state of the camera?

Here's a snipper of my current setup...

 private fun startCameraAnalysis() {
        val metrics = DisplayMetrics().also { viewFinder.display.getRealMetrics(it) }
        var resolution = Size(metrics.widthPixels, metrics.heightPixels)
        resolution = Size(640, 480) //set to fixed size for testing

        val aspectRatio = Rational(resolution.width, resolution.height)
        val rotation = viewFinder.display.rotation

        // Setup image analysis pipeline
        val analyzerConfig = ImageAnalysisConfig.Builder().apply {
            val analyzerThread = HandlerThread(
                "LuminosityAnalysis").apply { start() }

        // Setup preview pipeline
        val previewConfig = PreviewConfig.Builder().apply {

        // Build Preview useCase
        val preview = Preview(previewConfig)

        // Build Analysis useCase
        val analyzer = ImageAnalysis(analyzerConfig)
        analyzer.analyzer = LuminosityAnalyzer()

        CameraX.bindToLifecycle(this, preview, analyzer )

Is there anyway to alter the camera settings in CameraX around the ImageAnalysis to get higher frame rates?

Is there anyway at all in fact to alter things like Sensor Duration, ISO, exposure?

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