I'm building a view programmatically where a blue button is supposed to be laid out in the center of the screen under a user image, but it's getting constrained to the top left corner every time. I have self.translatesAutoresizingMaskIntoConstraints set to false in the init method of this view. Here is my code where I restrain this button:


continueMessagingButton.anchor(top: currentUserImage.bottomAnchor, leading: leadingAnchor, bottom: nil, trailing: trailingAnchor, padding: .init(top: 32, left: 48, bottom: 0, right: 48), size: .init(width: 0, height: 60))
continueMessagingButton.layer.cornerRadius = 30

Here is an image of what's happening:

UIButton Constraining to Top

Please help thank you!

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