I'm trying to implement an Audio app and I want to be able to start playback using Siri. I used a INMediaPlayerIntent with SiriKit, the app gets launched in the background and it starts playing if I have the audio file available locally. Once playing started, I am able to download the next required audio files with no issue. However, if I don't have the 1st audio file available and need to download it, the download does not complete until I manually open the app.

I tried using background NSURLSession with no success.

Also, on a less important note, I was expecting the Now Playing Command Center to appear in the Siri view, as it does when saying "Play Music" or "Play Podcasts" for instance. Even though I am setting all the correct information for Command Center and registering to Remote events (everything works fine on the lock screen and in the control center, I can see info about what my app is playing and I can control), it doesn't appear automatically in the Siri view.

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