I have two variants of my iOS 12 app, each associated with a different domain (association works fine as checked via swcd in Console.app).

The app with Bundle ID com.company.baseName.dev1 is successfully associated with dev1.example.com.

The app with Bundle ID com.company.baseName.dev2 is successfully associated with dev2.example.com.

So far so good. But autofill password stores app passwords not based on domain of current app but rather domain of app which first stored a password.

If I first run dev1 app, password is stored to dev1 domain. Then if I run dev2 app, password is also stored in dev1 domain. And vice versa. If I delete the password for dev1 domain and run dev2, password is now stored in dev2 domain for this run and subsequent runs of both dev1 and dev2. It's like iOS sees dev1 and dev2 as the same app even though I've verified e.g. via Bundle.main.bundleIdentifier that bundle IDs are correct and thoroughly checked every thing else I can think of.

Seems like an Apple bug?

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