I am trying to develop an iOS app integrating an external GPS unit.

The external GPS is a Garmin GLO. From all the research I can find/perform as well as talking to Garmin (not much help), the GLO unit is supposed to provide GPS data to iOS making the data available through the CoreLocation framework.

How can I confirm the GPS data is coming from the GLO and that the frequency is greater than 1Hz?

Do I just compare Horizontal and Vertical accuracy with the GLO unit disconnected and connected?

What about checking for frequency? Can I use a timer to check every .1 seconds? Something like: timer = Timer.scheduledTimer(withTimeInterval: 0.1, repeats: true) { _ in self.eachSecond()

I'm not sure how to tell if 'new' data is streaming in and at what rate? Just check the timestamp (in the GPS data)?

My understanding is that iOS will provide GPS updates at a rate of 1Hz under normal conditions. The GLO should be providing data at 10Hz, but I don't know if iOS will provide the data at that rate.

Platforms: iOS 12.1.4, Xcode 10.1

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