I have looked into SMS Spoofing lately and I'm curious to see if I can build my own...

I have created a basic idea of how to do everything, but I just need to make sure this will work before I waste my time.

The method is fairly simple.

  1. Run an SMS Gateway Server from within the App ( already available on Play Store )

  2. Send SMS to the Gateway for handling ( from within the app, on the same phone )

  3. Handle and send the SMS via internet from the gateway


The idea being that I can manipulate the SMS via the hosted gateway from within the app.

The app starts, The SMS Gateway starts, The users sends SMS, The SMS goes back to the Gateway on the same device, The Gateway handles Sender ID Change's, The SMS is delivered to recipient.

Is this all possible ?

As far as my knowledge on this matter goes, I'm really not sure ....

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