The title isn't good, please read bellow to understand better my problem

I have an Android application, one of its tasks is time consuming and will often take between 2-5 minutes to be finished... this task is done by a background service which has a reference to the starter activity.

99% of users doesn't want to wait all this time looking to a loading bar and will simple open another app or something like... what might lead to android destroying the referenced activity...

Ignoring the context leak of this story... my problem is:

When the service finishes its task it will try to call a method to return the values to the parent activity, but as it was destroyed now I can't do it...

So when user re-opens the app the last known state by that activity is "loading" so it keeps loading forever... (or retry to rerun the task what will lead to another 5 minutes wait and so on...)

how can i avoid this situation?

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