Recently I stood up a Redis server and tested the idea of storing application 'states' that only existed in our application and were never stored in our database. Don't know if we will ultimately do this but for the first time this information was available external to the application. What I did notice above all else was the speed of doing this thru Redis.

Now I have a crazy idea and I wonder if anyone has ever toyed with this before (or can point to any experience or papers related to the idea.) If my system requires message passing (say CQRS for example) can I just store the message data as a record in Redis and pass only the key? I realize that physical boundaries can affect this but in my situation everything (both front, middle and backend) will have access to the same information. Has anyone ever tried just passing keys for messages?

I can think of all the normal objections like writes failing, failed deliveries and so on but those problems also exist if I pass fully fleshed out messages. Why am I crazy?

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