My app starts with a View Controller (Initial). On this View Controller i display a countdown message (using NSTimer and scheduledTimerWithTimeInterval) that is auto-initiated when the user opens the app (viewDidLoad method). In the settings menu a have a Tutorial (a Page View Controller that handles a couple of View Controllers and presents them as Form Sheets). The last page of this Page View Controller has a button "OK" that dismisses the Page View Controller (so that brings you back to the Settings menu according to my Storyboard).

So far, so good.

Now when the user run the app, i call from my initial View Controller the viewDidAppear method and using NSUserDefaults i run a check if this is the first time the user runs the app. If YES it creates an instance of the Page View Controller that displays (as form sheet) the Tutorial. And here is my problem..The initial View Controller is running at the background.. so how can i pause the countdown message until the user dismisses the Tutorial (by pressing the OK button)?

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